Eurocarni 2000 born in in the heart of the Pontine region, over a range of about 2 hectares of land, as an industry for the slaughter of sheep and goats, with an annual production of about 500,000 animals.

The animals are processed from both national and foreign (France, Spain, Romania, Hungary) and slaughtered in the factory owned by Eurocarni 2000.

The structure, recently built, is equipped with technologically advanced, able to work up to 1000 head per hour.

The development of the times has led the company to turn its attention to the multi-ethnic cultures, inserting in processing halal slaughter.


The heart of the company is based on a modern and technologically advanced slaughter, able to work up to 1,000 goats per hour. The average annual slaughter is now at about 500,000 / 700,000 heads.

Valid and experienced skilled workers scrupulously followed every stage of manufacture of the product.

The skins of animals are placed to dry thoroughly.


Cold rooms in the company support up to 30,000 animals slaughtered and are equipped with an innovative cooling system, suitable for the latest EEC standards.

The plant cell fridge has 4 flaps for quick and efficient loading of  transport vehicles.


Eurocarni 2000 Partners are:

  • COOP Italia
  • MARR
  • CONAD Tirreno

Halal processing

The use of staff from North African type, with proven skills appropriate to the Islamic faith and certified by the Islamic authorities, ensures our production halal.

In the ritual halal (lawful), the animal is conscious at the time of the killing, is facing Mecca and severing the jugular is that both the great vessels, trachea esophagus.

The slaughter is carried out with tools and personnel other than those used in the killing does not halal.


Eurocarni 2000 S.r.l. – Via Frassonetto – Z.I. Mazzocchio – 04014 Pontinia (LT)
P. IVA e CF: 01906780596

Telefono: +39 0773 853588 – +39 0773 853365
Fax: +39 0773 853397


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Whole Ovine Hardcovered

Sheep Skewers

Sheep Mixed Grill

Sheep Carrè

Sheep Haunch

Sheep Innards

Sheep Gut